Australian film fans have often grumbled about having to wait up to weeks to see films that have already hit the big screen in the States. It’s a move that’s proven detrimental for the distributor as well, with piracy often rampart after the film’s American release.

In response, Village Roadshow have announced today their commitment to a new release strategy which will see all of their major films released into cinemas either before, simultaneously or close to the US date.

Highly anticipated blockbusters including Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi epic, Interstellar, and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt 1 have already secured release dates one day ahead of the US (November 6 and 20 respectively).

Co-CEO of Village Roadshow, Graham Burke, has said: “It makes total sense that when a movie opens and the web is ablaze with chatter that we capitalise on the timeliness and worldwide excitement. Making movies available sooner should also help address the insidious piracy that is endangering film production, theatres, TV and sports.”

This announcement comes on the back of Burke, who has always been very vocal in slamming piracy, recently publishing an anti-piracy letter  “To An Australia That Cares” in national newspapers, in support of Roadshow’s release of the local Joel Edgerton-scripted psychological thriller, Felony.

Roadshow do state that despite their new release approach, some titles may be delayed briefly due to a lack of cinema screens, proximity to school holidays or competitive release patterns

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